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Musical Bio


I've been writing and performing for many years, and have studied composition, music theory and orchestration. Over the years I've played trumpet, french horn and keyboard in local bands and brass choirs. I have been a leader in a worship team at a large church and played keyboard and trumpet in the worship band. While there, I composed 2 Passion Play scores which were performed "live" via MIDI orchestration coupled with live musicians. During that time I also initiated  a band and orchestra program at a small private high school. I taught each wind instrument to the students through private and groups lessons (others taught the string section). The program was successful and continues today.  After a decade long hiatus, I have begun to focus on writing orchestral works, mostly with a fantasy theme (I was a Tolkien fan well before the movies were released).


I call my personal website "Virtual Orchestra" because that is what we have at our fingertips today. When I started out you didn't get to hear your orchestral composition unless it was played by a real orchestra. Later on I began to use synthesized sounds and early sampler technologies. Today the orchestral sample libraries we have are light years beyond what I used on the Passion Plays. Being able to go from thought to sound so quickly changes the way we write music. For example the track The Song of Llorienne went from idea to a complete composition in a about a weekend. That was not possible in the not too distant past. Orchestral music is my passion because the harmonic texture of a full orchestra is unlike anything else. I like texture in music, even more than melody at times. I think I "see" with my ears. 


I hope you enjoy what you hear!


- Dave



My Software Profile from Linked In


Dave is a software architect and developer specializing in Microsoft .Net, eCommerce and related technologies. Having worked  with Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies, architecting and building award winning applications  in the fields of eCommerce, health care, insurance, finance, education, medicine, and government, Dave brings over 25 years experience to the field. He has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1999.


One of the applications he designed increased sales for the Personal Lines Division of a major insurer by 500% in its first year and also reduced insurance application errors by 500%. The application paid for itself in 3 months, winning Dave and his team, the “Best of Blues” award. Having been a business owner for many years, Dave understands the “bottom line”, and brings his unique approach of “Just Enough Technology” to every customer, no matter how large or small the company.


Technology is Dave’s passion, and teaching it his glory. Since 1999, Dave has taught dozens of seminars on a wide range of technical subjects. He was the primary speaker at Developer Guild seminars held at the Latanze Center at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD.  At the Association of IT Professionals 50th anniversary conference, Dave had the honor of being the featured .Net speaker.


Specialties: eCommerce Web Application Architecture and Development

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