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More About the Album

Into the Misty Forest was birthed from my love of Tolkienesque stories and worlds. Of course I am greatly enamored of the Lord of the Rings movies and the fantastic scores written by Howard Shore. The album was over a year in the making and I give my heart-felt thanks to my loving wife for putting up with late nights and weekends crafting these  pieces.


The song "The Calm Before" was actually wriiten about a year and a half ago and was my first venture into the world of Sampled Orchestral composition. The title song "Misty Forest" is my most popular song on SoundCloud. I wanted to write something with a bit of mystery and light-hearted spookiness.


The oldest track is  "Victoria's Adagio". I originally wrote it many years ago for my lovely wife and I wanted to reimagine it for my first album.  The music was completely re-scored for full orchestra and a good portion of the secondary melodies and harmonies were updated.


Princess Waltz is not strictly based on a fantasy theme as are most of the tracks on this album. It is more of a classic orchestral waltz and is the only track that was completely written "by hand" before being recorded with sampled instruments.  


I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I have enjoyed wiritng and performing each track!

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